May 3, 2016

How to make Jolada Rotti?

1. place flour in a small heap and make a small pit
2. heat water to boiling point
3. pour water into the flour heap
4. using a spoon mix flour and water till the mixture is consistent
5. then add more flour and water at room temperature; mix it thoroughly
6. continue kneading the wet flour until its consistent (without lumps)

Prepare roti immediately. If kept for long time flour will start losing moisture and roti will start tearing at the edge making it difficult to lift and place on tawa.

Unlike wheat flour dough, jowar flour cannot be rolled. It has to be flattened by rapid patting with palms. With some practice you can beat the flour into thin circles. While baking jowar roti, only water is applied with a piece of cotton cloth. Roti is cooked in two to three minutes.