Nov 8, 2012


A friend from Hyderabad introduced me to a sweet snack called Puthareku. Puthareku is a folded sheet of sugar with a core of ghee and powdered sugar. Puthareku is from coastal Andhra. Samarlakota and Amalapuram are two coastal towns are known for Puthareku. This sweet is a must during wedding functions for coastal Andhra folks.

Folded Putharekulu.
A folded Puthareku and a partly open Puthareku.

The word Puthareku can be split into two words- Putha and Reku.Putha means 'anything that boils' and Reku means 'sheet'. Putharekulu is the plural of Puthareku.

If you wish to get some you can try this shop-
Swagruha Foods
Shop No.18-78/A/1, Road No.3
Kamalanagar, V V Nagar Road
Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad - 580050
Phone: 040 24043378


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sindhoor said...

Siddeshwar,,that,s a nice description of the sweet.