Dec 10, 2015

Puliyogare/Puliyodhare Gojju ~ ಪುಳಿಯೋಗರೆ ಗೊಜ್ಜು

Puliyogare is a favorite rice dish for many.

Ingredients : 

For Powder :
Peanuts : 1 cup
Urad dal : 1 cup
Bengal dal : 1 cup
Toor dal : 1/2 cup
Coriander seeds : 1 cup
Black Til/Sesame : 1 cup
Black pepper : 1/4 cup
Mustard seeds : 1 tbsp
Methi seeds : 1 tbsp
Jeera : 1/2 cup
Dry coconut gratings : 1/2 cup
Dry chilies or 
Chili powder : as per taste
Turmeric powder : 1 tsp
Hing : 1/4 tsp

Making Gojju:
Tamarind : 2 cup
Jaggery : as per taste
Puliyogare powder : 1 cup
Salt : as per taste
Oil : 1 -2 cup

For Seasoning :
Peanut : 2 tsp
Urad dal : 1 tsp
Bengal dal : 1 tsp
Curry leaves: few
Dry red chillies  : few
Garlic cloves : 5 -6 (optional)

Method :

Dry roast all the ingredients. Let them cool .
Grind them to powder.

Take about 2 cup of tamarind & soak it for about 20 mins in warm water. If you want to keep the Puliyogare gojju for more than week in room temperature then you have to follow this method, it is, you have to get thick  syrup of tamarind like a sauce by boiling it until it loses all the water content & gets a sauce like consistency.
If jaggery has sand/stone particles, can make a thin syrup, filter it and add to tamarind syrup while boiling.

Now let the tamarind paste cool to room temperature.
Take a kadai add oil, heat it, add groundnuts, urad, bengal dal fry until they become golden brow, remove them, add curry leaves, crushed garlic cloves, red chilies fry them for a while, remove them from heat.
Now add Puliyogare powder, fry it for few seconds, add tamarind paste, jaggery powder, salt, coconut gratings fry altogether.

Mix the fried goundnuts, dals, curry, chillies to the gojju after its cooled down.
Can transfer it to a air tight container once its cooled.

If you want to make it instantly, not interested in storing, that wld lessen your work in a way, that is you need not to boil the tamarind syrup to get it thick sauce like consistency & no fear of getting spoiled the gojju if water content is left out in it.
But you shld boil it until you get a thick consistency as shown in below picture.

Everything is same as explained previously. 

Puliyogare Gojju is ready.

 Mix with warm rice.

It will be tasty if rice is warm.
Sour and sweet taste makes it a mouth watering dish.


manjula umesh said...

Tasty homemade puliyogare gojju

seema prakash said...

Tasty homemade puliyogare gojju

shahin said...

Great! I have been looking for dharwad hubli recipes , which are my childhood memories.I live in KSA now. Thankyou for the true authentic recipes. Taste of Dharwad!!!☺

Aanandlahari said...

Just great authentic recipe. Please bring out more such authentic recipes.

Aanandlahari said...

Just a great the authentic recipe.