Nov 8, 2015

Southekai Ennagai ~ ಸೌತೆಕಾಯಿ ಎಣಗಾಯಿ

ಸೌತೆಕಾಯಿ ಎಣಗಾಯಿ

Ennagai made from soutekai/cucumber is a common dish in North Karnataka.Its the best combination with jolada roti, can be had with chapati also. These cucumbers are in miniature form of  Mangalore / sambar soutekai.


Ingredients :

Cucumber small ones : 5 - 6 
Onion : 2
Garlic : 4 -5 cloves
Uchhellu pudi/Niger seeds powder: 1 1/2tbsp
Jeera : 1/2 tsp
Grated coconut :  1 Tbsp (optional)
Curry, Coriander leaves  : few
Red/Green chilies : 4 - 5
Jaggery : to the taste
Tamarind juice : to the taste

Method :
Chop onions in to small pieces.
Now grind onion, jeera, chilies, coconut & make a fine or coarse paste, add salt, turmeric powder, uchellu powder, jaggery, tamarind juice & mix well.
Slit the cucumbers into 4 parts.

Fill slit cucumbers with the masala paste.

Take a vessel add 2 sp of oil, add mustard seeds, when they start to splutter add the cucumbers filled with masala.

Saute it, cover it for few mins,add sufficient water, let it cook until cucumbers get softened.

Have with roti or chapati with curd.

Note : Uchellu pudi is a must, it gives a different taste & flavor, in case if you dont have this powder, you can use til/Sesame powder(roast it before powdering), roasted & powdered poppy seeds, few cashew nuts can be used, grind altogether with onion, chilies,curry, garlic & can be used as masala to fill the cucumber.


seema prakash said...

My favourite north Karnataka special curry

Manjula Umesh said...

Thank you, favorite one at home too :)

Ranjita Hegde said...

Garlic, curry, coriander haakuvudu yavaaga?