Jan 25, 2015

ಅನಾನಸ ಶಿರಾ ~ Pineapple Kesari Bath

Pineapple Kesari Bath

Kesari bhat/Sajjige made mainly in some occasions like on full moon days/ Poornimas, mainly as kids it was know for us as Sri Satyanarayan Swami Prasad.

Ingredients : 
Semolina/ Chirotti rava/Medium Rava : 1 cup
Pineapple chopped : 1 cup (preferably ripe pineapple)
Sugar : 1 cup or less than one cup.
Dry fruits : as per ur wish
Ghee : 3 - 4 Tbsp 

Method :
Chop the pineapple  in to pieces.

Take a vessel add 1 - 2 cups of water, bring it to boil, add 1 - 2 tbsp of sugar, add chopped pineapple. this step is to sweeten pine apple as it will normally sour.


Let it boil until the pieces gets soften & the color too changes.

Take a kadai, add 1tbsp of ghee, fry dry fruits, remove them from the kadai, keep it aside.
Now add semolina to the kadai, roast until you get a nice aroma of the rava.


Take a vessel add 3 cups of water, bring it to boil, add 1 tbsp of ghee, add roasted rava slowly with help of cup, stir continuously so it should not form any lumps.
Once rava is cooked, add 1/2 or less sugar to it depending upon your taste, mix well.

Add another 1 or 2 tbsp of ghee, keep it on low flame let the sugar gets melt & mix it thoroughly with rava, let it cook for few seconds.
Now add the cooked pineapple pieces to it.

 Mix altogether, add fried dry fruits

Once the whole thing comes together, turn off the flame. 
Serve hot.
Best combination with  Uppit, the power food  :)
the combo of Kesari bhat with Uppit called as Chow Chow Bath.