Oct 15, 2008

Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice or 'Chitranna' is a common in Southern parts of Karnataka and many parts of South India. It's an item, what you can call a poor man's dish. The ingredients and steps are almost the same as in Avalakki... the only difference is soaked cooked rice replaces soaked Avalakki.

Prepare vaggarni as explained in Avalakki post and mix it to the rice. However, the rice needs to be cooked well in advance so that it's cool and the grains are separate.

You can add peanuts into the vaggarni or add thin mango or carrot shreds as a topping to give chitranna a different flavor.

Chitranna can be had for break-fast, lunch or dinner or even evening snack. It's light on the tummy. Try it out once.


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