Oct 24, 2008

Brinjal Rice

Asofoetida4 to 5 cloves
2 spoon coriander
7 and 8 dry chilly
2 glass rice
½ tea spoon turmeric
Tamarind little quantity
Curry leaves
1 spoon mustered
Salt and sugar
1 spoon mathi
Preparation method:Initially, fry the asafetida, mathi, cloves, coriander, dry chilly, turmeric in little bit oil . If you want garlic you can add it also. Then grind it with some tarmorind. In the next step, pour some oil and put one spoon of mustered and curry leaves, then fry brinjal with that. After some time, pour prepared spicy with that and again fry it for some time. After that, add sugar and salt according to your taste. At the last, you can add 2 glass of rice with that.


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