Oct 12, 2008

Sheera and Kesaribath - what's the difference?

Sheera and Kesaribath are two sweets made from the same basic ingredient 'Rava' but are different in looks and taste. Going by the names, Kesaribath is the word used in South Karnataka and Sheera in North Karnataka.

Sheera is simple compared to Kesaribath, the other ingredients are water, sugar, clarified butter (or refined oil), cardamon, raisins and cashews. Kesaribath has two additional things- milk and Kesari (saffron). This is how the name has derived. Pineapple pieces are also added to give Kesaribath a flavor.

Sheera is pale while Kesaribath is bright and defnitely Kesaribath tastes better than Sheera.


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